Vesuvius Ensemble
2017-2018 Concert Series

Please save these dates for our 2017-2018 Heliconian Concert Series!
October 6: Le Tarantelle
December 17 & 19: Christmas concert
March 30: Easter concert
May 11: '900 Napoletano - Twentieth century Naples

October 6: Le Tarantelle
In the countrysides of Southern Italy, the Tarantella is much more than a purification dance – it is part of an entire medical and spiritual philosophy known as Tarantism. The musicians become healers charged with the task of finding just the right rhythm that will make the tarantata (bite victim) get up and dance away the venom in her veins. In this performance, the Vesuvius Ensemble will show the incredible amount of variety and passion which infused this dance over the centuries.

December 17 & 19: Christmas concert
There is no more moving way to celebrate the Messiah’s miraculous birth than through traditional folk songs accompanied by instruments typical of the Italian countryside. This magical evening will be made complete with a pastorale played on the zampogne, special bagpipes traditionally played by shepherds on Christmas Eve.

March 30: In Deum
On Good Friday, many devoted communities in Southern Italy still walk along an ancient path toward a holy sanctuary, singing powerful melodies along the way. In this special Good Friday performance, the Vesuvius Ensemble will take you along a sacred musical path, offering both traditional and composed music which considers the sacred mysteries of life and death.

May 11: Twentieth century Naples - '900 Napoletano
Vesuvius concludes its season with a concert of popular songs from the nineteenth century. Many of these melodies accompanied immigrants traveling towards the Americas. Full of hope but also of sadness, these passionate songs speak of promised love, long voyages, and nostalgia for the Old World.

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October 2, Montreal
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December 20, Montreal Salle Bourge, Natale a Napoli


January 13,14 Halifax, Symphony Nova Scotia, Jeanne Lamon.

February 27, Toronto, St. Michael’s Cathedral Basilica